What Happens If I Don’t Tell Insurance Company About Ban?

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How to get cheaper insurance
How to get cheaper convicted driver insurance
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Updated 24 August 2023
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What Happens If I Don't Tell Insurance Company About Ban

Following a conversation with a friend of mine who has recently been banned from driving, I came to realise how complicated the process of informing an insurance firm about driving convictions and bans is. As well as how important it is to give them the exact information, ensuring accuracy. In this post, I will look at what happens if you are banned from driving, and don’t tell your vehicle insurer. And how a driving ban makes it hard to find cheap insurance.

How to find the cheapest insurance with a conviction

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Why Do Drivers Get Given Driving Bans?

There are many reasons that you might be banned from driving. One way, is that the total number of penalty points on your licence adds up to 12 or more. In this case, you would be given a statutory ban. Additionally, some driving offences can result in a ban for the convicted driver. I have listed some of these driving offences below.

  • You receive a drunk driving conviction and were found to be drunk driving way over the legal limit.
  • You were caught dangerous driving, especially dangerous driving causing injury or death to another road user. Minor instances of dangerous driving may not result in a ban.
  • Some criminal convictions (such as drug driving) may also result in a driving ban. Even a non-criminal drug driving conviction might result in a ban.
  • Traffic light offences causing death or injury to another road user.
  • Being caught driving a vehicle without at least third-party cover.
  • These are just some of the reasons why convicted drivers might be banned. There are many more, of course.
  • Being given a band C speeding ticket and not paying the fixed penalty notice.

Are Bans for Accrued Penalty Points Different?

The way that bands resulting from the total number of penalty points on your driving history work like this:

  • When you first hit 12 penalty points you will get a 6-month statutory ban.
  • If you run up to 12 penalty points within 3 months of your previous ban, you get a 2-year ban.
  • If you run up to 12 points within 3 months of the last ban, you will be given a 3-year ban.

Do I Have To Tell My Insurance if I Get Banned?

If you are a disqualified driver looking for cheap car insurance, you are legally obliged to tell your insurer about your ban. You must also tell them about any unspent convictions you have. You don’t need to tell them about spent convictions.

Will a Driving Ban Affect My Insurance?

Having been banned from driving for some reason, such as drunk driving, will mean that a car insurance provider sees you as a much higher risk to insure. This means that it will be much harder to get affordable car insurance.

Don’t get ripped off by insurance companies

Getting affordable car insurance with a conviction or points can feel impossible, especially if you’re using standard comparison websites. 

Luckily, there are some specialist insurers out there… you just need to know where to find them!

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What Happens if You Don’t Tell Insurance About a Ban?

If you don’t tell your car insurance provider about your previous bans, such as a drunk driving ban, unspent convictions and penalty points on your licence, you will be obtaining car insurance by fraudulent means. This would be a further motoring offence and potential criminal conviction if you are caught.

Do You Have To Declare a Driving Ban to Insurance?

In most cases, if you get a driving ban, a drunk driving ban, for example, you have to tell your insurance provider right away. As your insurance policy would be invalid once you are banned.

How Does Having a Conviction Affect My Car Insurance?

A driving disqualification, such as a drunk driving ban, and any conviction for motoring offences is going to make it harder to get cheap car insurance. How much you have to pay for insurance after a ban depends on the severity of the motoring offences that lead to the ban.

What Happens if My Conviction Is Spent?

If you have spent convictions, meaning they no longer appear on your driving record, they should have no impact on your car insurance. You don’t need to tell an insurance provider about spent convictions when the penalty points are no longer on your driving licence.  

How Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance if I’m a Convicted Driver?

The trick to finding a cheap insurance premium for convicted drivers is to shop around to find the lowest insurance costs. A broker can help you with this or a comparison website of some kind.

What Are My Options if I’m Refused Car Insurance Because of a Conviction?

If you have a prior driving disqualification that is spent, but you still have points on your licence, you may be denied insurance. In this case, you would need to wait until the points are spent.

How Convictions Affect Car Insurance

All driving convictions, even for less serious offences, will make you appear as a higher risk to insurers. Making it harder to keep insurance costs down, and find insurance companies willing to insure you.

Ways To Keep Down Your Insurance Premiums

You can try lowering the cost of coverage by switching to a car that is cheaper to insure. You can also switch to third-party-only insurance

How Long Do Disqualifications Last?

A driving disqualification can last from just 6 months to being banned from driving permanently. The more serious the driving offence, the longer the ban will be.

What Happens at the End of a Driving Ban?

At the end of your ban, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) will send you a form to fill in, and once your ban is up, the DVLA will send your licence back.

What Effect Will a Ban Have on My Insurance?

If you are disqualified from driving while your insurance is still active, it will be immediately invalid and you will no longer be able to drive your car legally.

Will Your Insurance Be More Expensive After a Driving Ban?

After your ban is up, the cost of your car cover will go up by at least 100%. And this increase will last for at least 5 years.

My Driving Ban Has Finished – Do I Have To Tell a New Insurance Company?

If your ban is up, and the penalty points are spent, there is no reason to tell your new insurance firm about the ban. You do not need to tell them about spent convictions either.

Will the Police Contact My Insurance?

In short, no. The police will not contact your insurer and tell them that you have been disqualified from driving, It is up to you to do this.

Can I Drive While Waiting for My Licence After a Ban?

You cannot drive after a driving disqualification until you have your driving licence back from the DVLA. As you will not be able to get insured until this time.

This means you won’t, for example, be able to pick up your car if it was impounded by the police.

Can I Drive While Waiting for My Licence After a Ban

How Do I Get My Driving Licence Back After a Ban?

The process for getting your driving licence back is automated, and I explained it in a previous section. The DVLA will contact you when it is near the time for your ban to be up.

How To Find Out if Someone Has a Driving Ban?

There is no way to find out if another person has committed a driving offence, or been disqualified from driving as you have no access to their driving record.

Do You Have To Retake Your Driving Test if You Get a Ban??

In most cases, you will not have to retake your driving test once your driving disqualification has ended. However, in some rare cases, the court may stipulate a re-test after a ban.

Can I Insure My Car While Banned?

If you are banned from driving and have penalty points on your licence, you cannot insure a vehicle at all, as no insurance firm will insure you.

Affordable Convicted Driver Insurance

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Can Someone Else Drive My Car if I Am Banned?

As long as the person who wants to drive your car has valid insurance to do so, there is no problem with them driving your car while you are disqualified.

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