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Through Thrifty Family, Janine Marsh has shared her financial expertise with a range of news outlets to further educate the UK population about their money rights. To find out more, take a look at the stories below! 


Good To (Rachel Wait) – ‘Who can get maternity allowance and can you claim it on Universal Credit?’


GOBankingrates (Cynthia Measom) – ‘10 Groceries To Buy in Bulk When You’re Broke or Just Trying To Save Money’


The Bolton News (Andrew Smart) – ‘Drivers warned over ‘illegal’ footwear that could see fines’


Share This – ‘30 Finance Bloggers & Blogging Experts Share Their Top Tips for Growing a Finance Blog’


The Sun (Martha Cliff) – ‘I’m a money geek and my tips will help parents save hundreds – use AI to make meal plans & never pay for a new toy again’


BBC (Yazmina Garcia) – ‘Money Diary: ‘When the kids are off you end up spending more’’