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Thrifty Family is a financial advice blog run by Janine Marsh. The site provides advice on topics including; how to appeal a parking ticket, how to get out of debt, and much more. Janine has been featured as a financial expert on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Local Radio, and she’s a regular on BBC Five Live.

Whether you’re a reader looking to exchange money-saving tips, a journo looking for a case study, or a fellow blogger wanting to write a post on my blog, I’d love to hear from you!

For all enquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Thrifty Family’s Recent Press Releases:

Feature Quotes from Janine: 

“I hope people realise that there are ways to still enjoy your life without having to fork out loads. Promotions, vouchers and apps can bring the price down. When you’re doing it everyday it really adds up.”

BBC News

“Pregnancy and childbirth can be expensive, so receiving financial support can make a big difference in your ability to cover your expenses and provide for your new family.”

Good To Know

“I think it’s so important to share your own journey with financial trouble when building your finance blog.”

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Janine on TV and Radio

I’ve been featured lots as a financial expert on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Local Radio and I’m a regular on BBC Five Live. My top budgeting tips are currently being broadcasted nationally on Co-op Radio!

Other Thrifty Family Quotes and Features:

“How to save £6,000 in six months: Savvy spender buys charity shop clothes, home-made lunches and no more Netflix so she can finally afford her first home”

Daily Mail

“‘If you’re not willing to give up luxuries, you’re going to struggle’: How this 24-year-old is getting on the property ladder”


“Bargain queen curbs spending to save £6,000 towards house deposit in just six months”

Daily Star

“First-time buyer, 24, saves £6,000 towards house deposit in six months” 

Daily Express

“How I saved £6,000 in six months to buy a house”


“Super saver shares her tips on how to save £6,000 in six months”

Evening News


“Thrifty blogger, explains how to bag the most stylish charity shop bargains!”


“Blogger turns to upcycling to save cash for a house deposit”  


“How a charity shop can save more waste from landfill than you might imagine”

Zero Waste Week

“How charity shops can use social media to increase donations and attract new customers”

Charity Retail Association

“The True Cost: How Can We Stop The Vicious Fast Fashion Cycle”

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