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Editorial Guidelines

Thrifty Family’s goal is to support people who want to make wise money choices, and because of this, I am committed to providing accurate, reliable, and transparent information. 

It’s important that all of my money-saving tips and budgeting ideas are factually correct, so in order to maintain the trust of my readers, I have set the following editorial guidelines:

Key Principles: 

  • I believe in being truthful, transparent, and upfront about the content and recommendations I share on this blog. I will never knowingly promote products or services that I haven’t personally tested, or that don’t align with the values of Thrifty Family.
  • I respect the privacy of my readers and will never sell, trade, or share personal information collected on this site without explicit consent. For more information, please take a look at this Privacy Policy.

Editorial Accuracy: 

  • To provide the most helpful and reliable content, I do my best to ensure that all information on this blog is accurate and up-to-date. Thrifty Family’s content is regularly fact-checked to uphold this. 
  • When referencing outside sources, I make every effort to verify the information and provide appropriate credit. If any errors or inaccuracies are found, please contact me and I will correct them promptly.

Editorial Independence: 

  • I maintain full editorial control over the blog’s content. While I may occasionally collaborate with brands or accept sponsored content, any such partnerships will be clearly disclosed. Most importantly, my opinions will remain unbiased.
  • I understand the importance of differentiating between editorial content and advertising. If I ever choose to include sponsored content, affiliate links, or advertisements on this blog, I will clearly disclose them to maintain transparency with my readers.

Finally, I encourage reader feedback and appreciate any suggestions for improvement. If you have any concerns about the content on Thrifty Family, please do not hesitate to contact me

By following these editorial guidelines, I aim to maintain the trust and loyalty of my readers while providing valuable content that helps families live a more financially-savvy life.