How to Find the Cheapest Convicted Driver Insurance Brokers?

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How to get cheaper insurance
How to get cheaper convicted driver insurance
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Updated 24 August 2023
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Cheapest Convicted Driver Insurance Brokers

I recently had cause to total up how much it costs me to run my car for a year. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. And one of the largest costs was my car insurance. For some people, if they are young, new or convicted drivers, finding affordable car insurance is going to be a problem. So in this post, I am going to be looking at how to find the cheapest convicted driver car insurance.

How to find the cheapest insurance with a conviction

If you’ve got a conviction or points, getting insurance through a standard provider could be more expensive. 

You might find cheaper deals through specialist insurers.

I’ve partnered with Quotezone who can help you find the best insurance specifically for convicted drivers with points.

Fill out the simple form below to find great quotes for convicted drivers today. 

Find the cheapest insurance for drivers with a conviction

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What Convictions Will Affect My Insurance?

Unfortunately, any driving conviction will have an impact on your ability to find cheap car insurance. However, some motoring convictions are more serious than others. I have listed some of the more impactful driving convictions below.

  • Serious speeding, with the speeding ticket being in band C. Or any serious contravention of statutory speed limits.
  • Dangerous driving, especially dangerous driving that caused an injury or death.
  • Drink driving convictions of all types, and especially a drunk driving ban.
  • Driving without car insurance or a driving licence. Especially if the motoring conviction resulted in a driving ban.
  • Careless driving. Especially if this resulted in a death or injury.

In short, all of the conviction codes that are given for motoring convictions will mean that you are seen as a higher-risk driver by insurance providers. And will impact your ability to get a cheap car cover.

How Do I Get Insurance With a Conviction?

You can try a traditional insurer, but if you are seen as too high-risk, they may not wish to insure you at any price. In such cases, you may have to go to one of the specialist car insurance firms that offer convicted driver insurance in the subprime market. But you should be aware that your driving conviction will mean these specialist insurers will charge you more for your convicted driver’s insurance.

Do Insurance Companies Check Driving Convictions?

In general, no. If you are looking for insurance for convicted drivers and are worried whether insurers can check your convictions, they cannot. They will only know about a driving conviction that you tell them about.

Don’t get ripped off by insurance companies

Getting affordable car insurance with a conviction or points can feel impossible, especially if you’re using standard comparison websites. 

Luckily, there are some specialist insurers out there… you just need to know where to find them!

I’ve partnered with Quotezone to provide access to some of the best specialist convicted drivers’ insurance deals available.


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Why Do Insurance Companies Ask About Criminal Convictions?

If you are shopping around for the cheapest car insurance for high-risk convicted drivers, you may be asked if you have any criminal convictions. For example, if you were convicted of driving over the passenger vehicle speed limit, there is a scenario where you might get a criminal conviction as well. The insurer will want to know about this so that they can calculate the risk you pose.

Do I Have To Declare Spent Driving Convictions to Insurance Companies?

No. If, for example, your conviction that resulted in a drink driving ban is now spent, you do not have to tell the insurer about it. Even if they ask you for this information, you don’t need to provide it. Put simply, if you were a convicted driver but you now only have spent convictions, you don’t need to tell the insurer about them.

Why Do I Have To Declare My Convictions?

If you are searching for cheaper convicted driver insurance, and are asked about any driving offence you were convicted for that is still unspent, you have to give this information. This is so that the insurer can calculate how much of a risk you pose as a driver. Unlike spent convictions, you are legally obliged to provide this information before they can offer convicted driver insurance.

How Much Will My Conviction Affect My Insurance Premium?

As a general rule of thumb, if you have penalty points on you your licence and any unspent convictions, you can expect the cost of your motor insurance to go up by at least 100%. Furthermore, the cost of your car insurance will be similarly impacted for the next 4 or 5 years.

How Can an Insurance Broker Help You To Get Cheap Car Insurance?

Finding cheap convicted driver car insurance takes a lot of legwork, to get and compare convicted driver insurance quotes. However, using the services of a broker can be a shortcut to finding cheaper car insurance if you have a motoring conviction. 

The broker is an insurance specialist that can deal directly with a large range of insurance providers to find you an affordable insurance policy. They do all the leg work and get multiple quotes from multiple insurers that are willing to provide insurance for convicted drivers. You can then choose the quote and insurance company that fits you best.

How Can an Insurance Broker Help You To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Who Is the Biggest Insurance Broker in the UK?

There are a number of large car insurance brokers in the UK, that can help you to find cheaper insurance for convicted drivers. I have listed some of these below.

  • Admiral
  • Axa
  • Bell
  • First for Insurance
  • Flux Direct
  • Hastings Direct
  • Ladybird Insurance
  • Motor Quote Direct
  • Swiftcover

What Are the Advantages of Using an Insurance Broker?

Getting many quotes for car insurance for convicted drivers is going to take a lot of legwork if you do it yourself. Finding the right insurance policy at the right price is going to take effort. A broker removes much of this effort.

The broker will take your driver details, and then use them to contact all of the insurers on their panel. Getting comparative quotes for you.

Furthermore, the broker knows how insurance schemes work. They may be able to negotiate more favourable terms for you, such as a certain level of no-claims bonus to be added to the policy from the get-go. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an Insurance Broker?

A broker may be able to help you find the cheapest convicted car insurance. But there are limits. A broker will only deal with a specific panel of insurers. This means that if there is a potentially cheaper quote for car insurance for convicted drivers from an insurer that is not on this panel, you won’t know about it.

What Can I Do To Find Cheap Convicted Driver Insurance?

If you are trying to find affordable cover, and you have unspent convictions, you might not want to use the services of a broker. You may wish to do all the legwork yourself. There are two main options here.

Firstly, you can contact many insurers (the more the better) and get a quote from each of them. You will have to explain your individual circumstances to each of them. Giving your driver details including your name, address, how long you have had a full driving licence, etc.

You will also have to give information about any driving offences you were convicted for, that are still unspent. This is obviously going to take some effort, and a fair bit of time, as you need to repeat the process for each insurer. Once you feel you have enough quotes, you can compare them and choose the cheapest or best of the bunch.

The second option that you have, which is far simpler, is to use a comparison website. You provide all of your driver information and details of convictions that are yet to be spent. The website will then aggregate this information to pull in comparative quotes from a vast range of insurers.

This might take a few minutes, but once the process is complete, you will be given a list of all of the quotes, and the insurer they are from. You can then look through the offers, and find the one that suits you best. Some may be cheaper, but others may be a little more expensive but have better features in the policy wording.

Affordable Convicted Driver Insurance

To help you avoid some of the ludicrously expensive packages out there and actually find something reasonable I’ve partnered with Quotezone.

They bring together some of the best specialist deals for convicted drivers to make your search easier. 

Try it below.


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Getting Some Extra Advice

There are some large public discussion forums, that have entire sections given over to the topic of car insurance. You can register for one of these forums, and make a post for help finding the most cost-effective car or van insurance when you have been convicted of one or more motoring offences.

You will receive real-world advice about finding cheaper insurance from actual members of the public that have experience in finding affordable coverage in similar circumstances. Do take the time to double-check any facts though, before acting on them.

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My name’s Janine, and I’m a mum of two who’s always been passionate about trying to cut down spending costs. I am now sharing as much financial knowledge as I possibly can to help your money go that little bit further.
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