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How to appeal a ticket
How to appeal a parking ticket

How to Write a Parking Fine Appeal Letter and Win!

Janine Marsh Thrifty Family
Janine Marsh Thrifty Family

Janine Marsh

Financial Expert

Janine is a financial expert who supports individuals with debt management, cost-saving resources, and navigating parking tickets.

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· Jun 11th, 2024
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Parking Fine Appeal Letter

Have you received a parking fine that you think is unfair? You’re not alone. Every month, more than 32,000 people visit this site for advice on tickets and fines.

It can be a bit scary and confusing, but don’t worry. In this article, we’ll help you with:

  •  Understanding why you got a parking fine
  •  Writing an appeal letter to try and beat your ticket
  •  Knowing the difference between Parking Charge Notices and Penalty Charge Notices
  •  Deciding if you need to pay a parking fine
  •  Finding more help if you need it

It’s important to think about the impact of not paying parking fines on your financial health. Plus, if you don’t pay an enforceable ticket, it could lead to legal action.

Don’t worry, this article will give you lots of info to help you make a smart choice.

Do You Have to Pay?

In some circumstances, you might have a legitimate reason not to pay your fine.

It’s a bit sneaky, but the last time I needed legal advice, I paid £5 for a trial to chat with an online solicitor called JustAnswer.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor feeds, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

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In partnership with Just Answer.

Why Are You Given a Parking Fine?

There are a number of parking offences that can result in you being given a parking fine. Some of these only apply to parking on public roads and are based on rules in the highway code. Others apply to both public and private parking bays. I have given some of the most common reasons you might get a parking fine, below.

Something to keep in mind, is that when you are parking on private land, it is the parking operator that makes up the rules. They are free to interpret these rules as they wish. Private parking operators are well-known for slapping people with a parking charge notice for the most minor of reasons.

Can You Appeal Against a Parking Fine?

Yes, you can appeal a parking fine. How you do this will depend on whether it is a private parking fine or an official one. For private parking fines, you would first start your appeal with the parking operator that gave you the fine. For example, if you were given a fine in a Tesco car park, you would use the website of the parking operator to begin your appeal. The details for doing this would be printed on the notice.

If your appeal to the parking operator fails, you then have the option of making an appeal to the ATA that the parking operator is a member of. If you lose this appeal as well, your options are limited, short of full legal proceedings. In this case, it generally makes sense just to pay up and walk away.

In the case of an official penalty charge notice, you can begin an appeal within 28 days of the notice being issued. This is known as an informal challenge. If this appeal is lost, you will be sent a notice to owner, asking you to pay the fine. At this stage, you can make a formal appeal, which will require finding a lawyer to help you, and going to court to prove you don’t owe the fine. If you lose at this court hearing, you will need to pay the original fine, court costs, and your lawyer. So think long and hard before you go down this road.

Successful Appeal Case Study


Initial Fine £100
Additional Fees £171
Total Fine £271

The Appeal Process

Scott used JustAnswer, online legal service to enhance his appeal. The trial of this cost him just £5.

Total Fine £271
Cost of legal advice £5

JustAnswer helped Scott craft the best appeal possible and he was able to win his case.

Scott’s fine was cancelled and he only paid £5 for the legal help.

Get started

In partnership with Just Answer.

Using a Standard Letter Template To Make an Appeal

OK, now we come to a very important part of the appeal process. How to state your case properly. And here, it is good advice to use a standard appeal letter template, and edit it to use your own details. I have given a basic appeal letter template below. You can copy and paste it and make the required changes. The parts within <> are those that need to be changed.

To whom it may concern,

Re: <parking/penalty>  charge notice <notice number>

I have been given a <parking/penalty> charge notice for parking at <where you parked> on <date of issue of notice>. I was parked in this location from <time you parked> until <time you left>. I have been given a parking fine of < amount of fine>.

It is my belief that this parking fine has been issued without due cause. I do not think I am liable to pay this fine because <reason why you shouldn’t pay>.

Enclosed with this letter, is the evidence I wish to submit to prove I do not owe this parking fine. This evidence includes <list of evidence>.

Yours faithfully,

<your name>

Hire a Parking Solicitor for less than a coffee.

If you’re thinking about appealing your parking ticket then getting some professional advice is a good idea.

Getting the support of a Solicitor can make your appeal much more likely to win.

For a £5 trial, Solicitors from JustAnswer can look at your case and help you create an airtight appeal.


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In partnership with Just Answer.

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Janine Marsh Thrifty Family
Janine is a financial expert who supports individuals with debt management, cost-saving resources, and navigating parking tickets.