Should I Pay Newlyn PLC Baliffs Debt Collectors or Appeal?

Could you write off any Newlyn PLC debt?

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This isn’t a full fact find, Thrifty Family doesn’t give advice. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provides information about your options. 

For free & impartial money advice you can visit MoneyHelper. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provide information about your options. This isn’t a full fact-find, some debt solutions may not be suitable in all circumstances, ongoing fees might apply & your credit rating may be affected.

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Updated 07 December 2023
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Newlyn PLC Baliffs Debt Collectors

For free & impartial money advice you can visit MoneyHelper. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provide information about your options. This isn’t a full fact-find, some debt solutions may not be suitable in all circumstances, ongoing fees might apply & your credit rating may be affected.

Are you concerned about a debt with Newlyn PLC Bailiffs Debt Collectors? Not sure if you should pay them or make an appeal? If so, this article is for you. 

Every month, more than 12,000 people visit this website for advice on debt topics, so rest assured, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll guide you through:

  •  Understanding whether you need to pay Newlyn PLC debt collectors
  •  Learning if an appeal against Newlyn is possible
  •  Ways to deal with Newlyn bailiffs and debt collectors
  •  How to stop Newlyn from sending you letters and making calls
  •  Checking if Newlyn can enter your house

We know how concerning debt issues can be; some of us have been in your shoes. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you understand how to deal with Newlyn PLC Bailiffs Debt Collectors.

Do you have to pay Newlyn PLC debt collectors?

You might not have to pay Newlyn PLC debt collectors.

If you genuinely can’t afford your debt repayments then looking into whether you could have your written off might be just what you need. 

If you want to find out whether you qualify for having debt written off or payments lowered then fill out the short form below.

Can you write off any of your debt?

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How much debt do you have?

This isn’t a full fact find, Thrifty Family doesn’t give advice. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provides information about your options. 

Are Newlyn bailiffs or debt collectors?

Newlyn operates in the debt recovery industry as a debt collection agency and as a private enforcement agency, more commonly known as bailiffs. Debt collection agencies and enforcement agencies aren’t the same

There is a big difference between a debt collection agency and an enforcement agency. A debt collection agency works for its clients to trace debtors and ask them to pay in writing or over the phone, taking commission or a fee for their work. 

Whereas an enforcement agency is a private company that works to make debtors pay after a court warrant has been issued to make them pay. When working as bailiffs, Newlyn’s enforcement agents have additional powers to recover the debt owed to their clients. 

Are Newlyn bailiffs debt collectors legit?

Yes, Newlyn PLC bailiffs debt collectors is a legitimate company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

They’re also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA). 

Can you lower your repayments?

If you’re struggling to pay back your debt, then you might qualify for a debt solution.

Some solutions lower your monthly payments while others write off a portion of your debt

To find out whether they could work in your situation, hit the button below.

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Who do Newlyn bailiffs debt collectors work for?

When working as a debt collection agency, Newlyn offers its services to creditors and companies from a vast number of industries. They’re unlikely to reject a debt collection job from anyone.

However, as bailiffs, Newlyn offers its services to local authorities in England and Wales. They help councils recover money owed to them by debtors, such as non-domestic rates, council parking tickets and even council tax arrears.

But remember, Nelyn PLC staff can only work as bailiffs to collect these debts after the court system has given the local authority permission to use enforcement action to collect the debt. 

Newlyn bailiffs council tax

One of the most common jobs for Newlyn bailiffs is to collect a council tax debt

Local authorities don’t need to take debtors to court to get a warrant to enforce this debt. They simply have to get a liability order from the court, which is a much easier process for the council. 

If you’re struggling with your council tax, it’s best to speak directly with the council or get advice from a debt charity. 

Newlyn bailiffs reviews

I had a look at the Newlyn bailiff reviews online and they were as I expected. 

On Trustpilot, the company has an average rating of 1.1 stars with over 150 reviews recorded. This includes 98% of all reviews as one-star reviews. 

This isn’t uncommon for debt collection agencies and bailiffs as many people try to take their frustration out on them online. But that isn’t to say their poor reviews aren’t unwarranted. 

Here are some examples of what’s being said about Newlyn:

Newlyn bailiffs reviews


How to deal with Newlyn bailiffs and debt collectors


How to deal with Newlyn bailiffs and debt collectors

How to deal with Newlyn depends on whether they’re chasing you in the capacity of a debt collection agency, or whether they’re chasing you as bailiffs. 

Some of the steps you can take to fight back against debt collection agencies won’t benefit you if they’re acting as bailiffs – and vice versa. 

I’ll start by explaining your options when dealing with Newlyn as a debt collector, and then I’ll move on to how to deal with Newlyn as bailiffs. You can jump ahead if you know you’re dealing with them as bailiffs.

Newlyn debt collection agency letters and calls

If Newlyn is acting as a debt collection agency to collect their debt before the courts have gotten involved, they will likely write to you. 

They could even send you scary text messages or call you. But they can never discuss your debt with other people. This is a serious breach of the law. 

The first thing you need to know is that Newlyn debt collectors make their communications scary on purpose. This is to make you pay quickly without questioning anything or trying to fight back. 

They’ll often include bold red writing and may include deadlines before their client will take legal action. However, Newlyn must never:

  • Intimidate you
  • Threaten you
  • Give the impression that they’re bailiffs or can take your goods
  • Try to confuse you with jargon
  • Harrass you with frequent calls, especially during unsociable hours 

How do I stop Newlyn debt letters and calls?

I’ve been asked this question a lot, and there is something you can do. You cannot block all forms of communication from Newlyn because they’re allowed to communicate with you about payment. 

But you can provide them with your communication wishes, which they must then respect. FCA rules state how debt collection agencies must engage with debtors. One of the rules states that they must adhere to debtor communication preferences, but your preferences must be reasonable. 

Most people prefer to have all communication in writing to keep a paper trail and evidence of everything. This can be a smart move. 

If Newlyn doesn’t respect your communication preferences, you could make a complaint about their behaviour. You can also make a complaint if they break other rules, such as harassing you or threatening you. 

I’ll explain how to make a complaint about Newlyn Debt Collection towards the end of this post. 

Can Newlyn enter my house?

Newlyn doesn’t have the right to enter your home when working as a debt collection agency, but they can peacefully enter your home when they’re working as bailiffs. 

Some debt collection agencies will send “field workers” to the home addresses of debtors to ask to speak with them about the debt. But because they don’t have any court permission to collect the debt, you can simply ask them to leave. 

If you told them to leave and they didn’t, you could call the police and make a serious complaint about their behaviour. 

Can you ignore Newlyn debt collection agency?

It probably isn’t a good idea to ignore Newlyn debt collection agency. They could instruct their client to take legal action to recover the debt if you don’t cooperate. 

If you’re proven to owe the debt in court, you would then be legally obligated to pay and may need to cover court costs as well as interest on the debt. 

So, simply ignoring Newlyn won’t make the situation any better. But there are ways you can fight back and one way you could avoid paying a penny.

Can you appeal a Newlyn debt?

You can’t appeal a Newlyn debt, but you can reply to their payment request letters in ways to push back and possibly avoid paying

I should add that if they did take you to court, you can fight the debt as part of the court process, but this isn’t the focus of our discussion here. 

How to deal with Newlyn debt collection agency

There are three ways to respond and react to Newlyn without having to pay straight away. I’ll discuss these three options below. Some of them might be relevant to your situation, but others may not be applicable. 

#1: Check that the debt is still legally enforceable

The first thing you can do is check if the debt is still legally enforceable. What I mean by this is if the debt can still be escalated to court action, and therefore whether you can be made to pay with a court order. 

Not all debts, but many types of debt become too old to go to court. In which case, a judge can never issue an order to make you legally obligated to pay. In England and Wales, the time limit is usually six years, but in Scotland, it’s mostly five years. 

There are some other criteria, such as:

  1. Never paying towards the debt within the same time period
  2. Not acknowledging the debt is yours in writing within the time period
  3. The debt has never been subject to a court order previously

But remember, not all debts have a time limit, and the time limits can vary. It’s always best to get help understanding if your debt is too old to be enforced by speaking with a debt charity. 

If your debt has become too old to be enforced in court, formally known as statute-barred, then you need to let Newlyn debt collectors know in writing and tell them that you won’t be paying. There are free letter templates online to help you do this easily and quickly. 

Once you’ve told them that you won’t be paying for this reason, they should stop communicating with you about the debt and you’ll never have to pay it. 

#2: Ask Newlyn to prove you owe the debt

If you’ve calculated that your debt can still be enforced with court action, there are some other ways to respond. The first is to ask Newlyn to prove you owe the debt. You can make this request as long as the debt is covered by the Consumer Credit Act.

There are good reasons to make this request even if you know you really do owe the debt. If Newlyn cannot provide sufficient proof, which should be a copy of the agreement you signed, then you don’t have to pay and you can use this to fight your case should the matter go to court. 

Another good reason is to delay payment. It might give you extra time to save the funds to pay the debt while Newlyn speaks with its client to get the proof. 

Free prove-the-debt letter templates are widely available online. Make your request to Newlyn by downloading one of these free templates and inserting your information. 

#3: Get debt advice and use the breathing space scheme

Whether this is your only debt or one of many, you can choose to deal with it by speaking with a debt charity for tailored advice and debt solution recommendations. Trained advisers will explain the different debt solutions available to you in your exact situation.

For example, you might be able to use:

And while you consider the different options, you can ask the debt charity to apply for the breathing space scheme. This will prevent Newlyn from making any further contact or taking legal action for a few weeks while you assess your options. 

However, you must genuinely be working with the debt charity to come up with a solution. The breathing space scheme can be abandoned if you’re not using it as intended. 

Newlyn debt collection proved my debt, what now?

If Newlyn debt collection proved your debt, there are three ways to respond but not all of them are recommended by debt charities:

  1. You could ignore them, but there is a high probability the client will take you to court where the debt will grow bigger.
  1. You could speak with Newlyn about a repayment plan based on your income to ensure the repayments are affordable while you maintain essential living costs.
  1. You can get personalised debt advice from a debt charity and use the breathing space scheme still, as explained in the section above.

Dealing with Newly debt collection agency (Summary)

If you don’t wish to pay Newlyn debt collectors straight away, you can:

  1. Check whether the debt can be enforced by a court or whether it’s too old. If it is too old for enforcement, you can tell Newlyn PLC that you won’t be paying. 
  1. Ask Newlyn to prove you owe the debt with a prove-the-debt letter. 
  1. Agree on a repayment plan with Newlyn, or get personalised debt advice from a debt charity while also using the breathing space scheme to stop further action from being taken.

How to deal with Newly bailiffs

Newlyn bailiffs can only get involved after a court has issued an order for you to pay the debt. This might be a County Court Judgment (CCJ), but in regard to council tax arrears and other local authority debt, it might be a liability order or another type of order without a hearing. 

Unfortunately, after you’re subject to a court order to pay a debt, and then a warrant is issued for bailiffs to get involved, your options to fight back are limited. This is also why it’s a risk to allow the matter to escalate in the earlier stages.

To understand what you can do now, you need to know the processes that bailiffs use to recover money in this situation. It starts with a Notice of Enforcement letter

Newlyn Bailiffs Notice of Enforcement letter

The first you’ll hear from Newlyn bailiffs is when they send a Notice of Enforcement letter. This letter tells you they’re in charge of recovering the debt. 

They’ll tell you to get in touch with them to make a payment arrangement, possibly a Controlled Goods Agreement (CGA) whereby your assets are used as security within the payment plan. 

Here is a common story of someone getting contacted by Newlyn PLC bailiffs:

Newlyn Bailiffs Notice of Enforcement letter


Newlyn aren’t obligated to accept a payment plan of any kind. They will be instructed by their client on what they can accept. Seven clear days after receiving this letter, they’re allowed to come to your home to ask for payment or take your possessions. 

What will Newlyn bailiffs take?

Newlyn can only take goods belonging to the debtor. 

They mostly take valuable items such as electronics or vehicles. But they cannot take a vehicle when it’s not in the debtor’s name, when it’s on a vehicle finance agreement, or when it’s required for work (in some cases).

There are other possessions they cannot take, such as some furniture, consumables and possessions necessary for employment. 

These goods will then be stored and sold at an auction to raise funds. The funds will be used to pay the debt off and to pay the bailiffs fees, which are passed on to you.

How much are Newlyn bailiff fees?

Bailiff fees are fixed and set by legislation, specifically Schedule 12 of the Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 and Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

If you think you’ve been charged more than what you’re supposed to be charged, you can make a complaint. Either way, bailiff fees are very expensive and can cause your debt to shoot up. 

For sending the first letter, they charge a £75 fee. They then charge a fixed fee of £235 for their first visit to your home – if required. 

They also charge 7.5%of debts that are valued above £1,500. To remove your goods they charge £110, and again, 7.5% of the debt’s value above £1,500. There can even be storage fees and auction costs to cover as well. 

Can Newlyn Bailiffs force entry?

In most cases, Newlyn bailiffs cannot force entry into your home. They can make peaceful entry by entering an open or unlocked door. They cannot climb through windows or kick down your doors. 

They can force entry with the use of a locksmith if you default on a Controlled Goods Agreement and the assets secured by that agreement are inside your home. 

How do I get rid of Newlyn?

You’re not legally obligated to open your door to bailiffs. But ignoring them won’t resolve the issue and could just make your debt grow bigger. 

If Newlyn comes to your house, you could choose to not let them inside and keep your doors locked. Some people prefer to communicate with them through the letterbox, through the window or through an upstairs open window. 

Can you stop Newlyn bailiffs?

Sometimes you can stop bailiffs if you’re considered a vulnerable person. 

Bailiffs aren’t able to visit the homes of people classified as vulnerable. But the vulnerable person list includes more people than you might expect. 

It’s best to see if you qualify with the help of Citizens Advice or a debt charity. And then notify Newlyn bailiffs as soon as possible to stop them from visiting. 

But note, this won’t stop you from owing the money; it just means they won’t come to your home until you’re no longer classed as vulnerable. 

How to deal with Newlyn bailiffs (Summary)

You have fewer options to deal with Newlyn bailiffs than you do when dealing with them as a debt collection agency. The court has already had its say and your hands are somewhat tied. Nevertheless, you could:

  1. Agree on a payment plan or Controlled Goods Agreement within seven days of receiving a Notice of Enforcement Letter. This will help you come to a resolution without having bailiffs at your door. It will also mitigate the bailiff fees added to your debt. 
  2. Enquire to see if you’re a vulnerable person by speaking with Citizens Advice. You might be able to stop them from visiting you at home. 
  1. Communicate with bailiffs at your home through an upstairs window. You should try to find a resolution to avoid further fees and growing debt. 

Newlyn bailiffs complaints

Throughout the earlier stages of my post, I told you that you can complain about Newlyn if you’re unhappy with their behaviour. This might be related to the way they communicate with you, or anything else they might do which is unprofessional and against the rules.

Whatever the problem is, you must make your first complaint to Newlyn directly. Follow their complaints procedure. If they don’t respond as you would have liked or if the situation doesn’t improve, you can then escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). 

The FOS is an independent body that can look at the facts from both sides to decide whether a breach of rules has occurred. If the FCA decides that Newlyn debt collectors or bailiffs did breach rules, they can be severely punished and it might benefit your debt situation. 

You stand a better chance of making a successful complaint if you can supply evidence, such as call records or call recordings etc. 

“It will only get worse” 😩

It’s cliché to say, but with debt it’s true; the longer you leave it, the worse the problem gets

There are straightforward and effective ways to deal with debt, but you have to know your options. 

Fill out the short form to find out about the debt solutions that could reduce your monthly payments or even write off some of your debt.

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Newlyn Bailiffs contact info

I have rounded up the most up-to-date contact information for Newlyn bailiffs debt collectors below. Here is the key contact info you might need to use. Use this unless otherwise stated by Newlyn.

Newlyn bailiffs contact number

Call Newlyn on 01604 633001. They’re opening hours are between 8am and 7pm on weekdays, and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays. They’re closed on Sundays. 

Newlyn bailiffs email address

The Newlyn email address is [email protected]. Alternatively, you can send them a message through their online contact form

Newlyn Bailiffs address

Respond to Newlyn in writing unless otherwise directed to the following address:

Newlyn PLC

PO Box 933



Real escape routes out of debt!

If you have other debts you need help with, don’t hesitate to make the most of free debt advice from charities like National Debtline and StepChange. 

Their advisers can provide you with 100% confidential advice and tailored support based on your real finances. 

They might end up recommending one of many different debt solutions. Some solutions can even write off some of your debt. Find out more now by visiting my How to Get Out of Debt page. 

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How to beat Newlyn PLC debt
How to beat Newlyn PLC debt

Looking into debt solutions could help. 

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Reduce pressure from the people you owe
  • Affordable monthly repayments.