Who is Elderbridge re: HCA Direct Debit and Should I Cancel?

Can you write off any Elderbridge debt?

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How much debt do you have?

This isn’t a full fact find, Thrifty Family doesn’t give advice. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provides information about your options. 

For free & impartial money advice you can visit MoneyHelper. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provide information about your options. This isn’t a full fact-find, some debt solutions may not be suitable in all circumstances, ongoing fees might apply & your credit rating may be affected.

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My name’s Janine, and I’m a mum of two who’s always been passionate about trying to cut down spending costs. I am now sharing as much financial knowledge as I possibly can to help your money go that little bit further.

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Updated 07 December 2023
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Elderbridge re HCA Direct Debit

For free & impartial money advice you can visit MoneyHelper. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provide information about your options. This isn’t a full fact-find, some debt solutions may not be suitable in all circumstances, ongoing fees might apply & your credit rating may be affected.

Have you received a message from Elderbridge about HCA debt? Maybe you’re feeling worried about how to deal with them? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every month, I guide over 12,000 people who are seeking advice on topics about debt.

In this article, we’ll help you understand:

  • Who Elderbridge is and if you have to pay them.
  • How you can lower your repayments to Elderbridge.
  • What to do when Elderbridge is chasing you for a debt.
  • How to deal with complaints about debt collectors.
  • What happens when a debt is proven and how to stop debt collectors from contacting you.

We understand that dealing with debt collectors can be difficult. We know what it feels like to be in your shoes and we’re here to help you understand your rights and how to deal with this situation effectively. Let’s dive in and find out more about dealing with Elderbridge and HCA debt.

Do you have to pay Elderbridge?

You might not have to pay Elderbridge.

If you genuinely can’t afford your debt repayments then looking into whether you could have your written off might be just what you need. 

If you want to find out whether you qualify for having debt written off or payments lowered then fill out the short form below.

Can you write off any Elderbridge debt?

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How much debt do you have?

This isn’t a full fact find, Thrifty Family doesn’t give advice. We work with The Debt Advice Service who provides information about your options. 

Who is Elderbridge?

Elderbridge is a company that purchases credit agreements and loans from other businesses and financial institutions. In short, the company is a debt recovery business that earns its keep by chasing older debts.

The reference re: HCA direct debit refers to their option to settle a debt. The debt collector encourages you to set up this DD in order to settle an outstanding debt owed them.

Is Elderbridge a legitimate debt collection agency?

Yes. Elderbridge is a legitimate debt recovery business that’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

They are also Credit Association Services (CSA) members which means they not only have to abide by the laws of the land but also the CSA Code of Practice.

That said, many debt collection companies don’t always abide by the rules. They have a tendency to use unethical tactics to get you to settle! So when you fail to keep up with payments to an account, they’ll send you threatening letters.

Who uses Elderbridge debt collection services?

Elderbridge buys debts for a fraction of their value from other companies/organisations. They then chase debtors which is much more than they paid.

Hence, the debt recovery company’s profit margins are huge.

So, when you get a letter from Elderbridge, chances are the debt collector purchased a debt you owed to someone else! It’s why you probably don’t recognise who they are or what they’re referring to.

Can you lower your repayments?

If you’re struggling to pay back your debt, then you might qualify for a debt solution.

Some solutions lower your monthly payments while others write off a portion of your debt

To find out whether they could work in your situation, hit the button below.

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What sort of debt does Elderbridge buy?

The debt Elderbridge purchased may be in relation to:

  • A credit card debt
  • A default on a loan
  • Car loan debt
  • Bank loan debt

It’s worth noting that Elderbridge buys older debts that original creditors tried to resolve but failed. So, when the debt recovery company gets in touch, the first thing to do is check how old the debt is.

If it’s an old loan you defaulted on, the debt collector may have purchased it which they often do!

It may be too old to enforce because it’s statute barred!

Why is Elderbridge chasing you?

As mentioned, Elderbridge is probably chasing you because they purchased a debt with your name and details on it. That said, mistakes happen and a clerical error leads to a debt collector chasing the wrong debtor!

It happens more than most people think!

This is why it’s important to check all the details on the correspondence you receive from Elderbridge before forking out any money. After all, the loan might not be yours and it might be statute barred!

Should you admit the debt?

No. You should never admit, agree, or sign anything until the debt collection company provides you with solid proof the debt is yours. It’s up to the debt collector to prove things not you!

Is the debt too old to enforce?

Always check how old a debt is before paying Elderbridge. If the debt is at least six years old, it’s considered statute barred provided certain criteria are met.

What does this mean? It means the debt can’t be enforced because it’s passed the ‘limitation period’ as set out in the Limitations Act. No legal proceedings can be taken out against you providing specific criteria are met.

As such, you can’t be taken to court and you won’t receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ) if a debt is statute-barred.

It’s one of the loopholes of getting out of paying older debts!

When is a debt statute-barred?

A debt must be at the minimum six years old to be statute barred. But other criteria must be met too. These are:

  • No payment was made towards the debt in the last six years
  • No contact was made with the creditor to admit liability in six years
  • No CCJ exists against non-payment of the debt

You should write to the debt recovery agency informing them the debt is too old to enforce. Make sure you send the letter by registered mail and keep a copy for your records.

Can a debt collector chase statute-barred debts?

Elderbridge should stop contacting you if the debt is proven too old to enforce. But unfortunately, many debt recovery companies will still insist on chasing you for payment.

A debt collection agent might use unethical tactics to scare you into paying something you no longer owe. Seek advice from a debt expert if you’re at all concerned at the way Elderbridge deals with the situation.

How should debt collectors deal with complaints?

You have the right to file a complaint with the head office if a debt collector continues to harass you over a statute-barred debt. The complaint should be dealt with promptly and professionally.

Can you complain to the Financial Ombudsman?

Once you’ve complained to Elderbridge, you can then lodge a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). More especially if their complaints department doesn’t take your complaint seriously.

It has to be in that order!

Should you pay the debt straight away?

No. Not before establishing the debt isn’t too old to enforce and that it is yours! In short, write back to the debt collector asking them to ‘prove’ the debt.

It’s not your responsibility to provide proof to a debt collector that you don’t owe the money. It’s the debt collector’s obligation to provide hard proof the debt is yours.

What proof does Elderbridge have to provide?

This might be in the form of a Credit Agreement or signed contract. All copies must be authenticated otherwise they are not worth the paper they’re written on!

You should never accept their ‘word’ for it!

What happens when Elderbridge can’t prove the debt?

When a debt collection company can’t prove you owe the money, you can’t be held liable and therefore, you can’t be made to pay!

In this instance, Elderbridge should stop chasing you for payment. But they might do more research and may come back later with proof you owe the money.

What happens when a debt is proven?

You should seek advice from one of the debt charities if Elderbridge provides written proof you owe the money. Don’t admit, sign, agree or pay any money to the debt collector before you’ve spoken to a debt adviser.

Getting free debt advice from one of the UK’s leading charities could make the whole situation less stressful. Their advice could be invaluable in the following ways:

  • Finding out which debt solution would be best for you
  • Establishing how much you could afford to pay to the debt collector
  • Calculating a debt settlement solution to put forward to Elderbridge

Should you reach out to an independent debt expert?

You could also reach out to a specialist adviser but you’d have to pay which might not be an option when you’re already struggling with your finances!

How do I stop debt collectors from contacting me?

You can write to Elderbridge asking them to stop harassing you with constant phone calls, texts or emails. However, you can’t stop them from contacting you altogether! You can ask them to only reach out to you in writing which they must respect.

Keep records of all your correspondence

Make sure you send the letter to the debt collection agency by registered post so you know they received it! Plus, keep a copy for your own records and account.

Can debt collectors enter your home?

No. Debt collectors can’t force entry into your property. Moreover, you shouldn’t let them in. Instead, talk to the field agent through the letterbox or an open upstairs window!

What happens when you don’t pay Elderbridge?

Things get messy, complicated and expensive when you don’t pay Elderbridge when the debt is proven! You could face:

  • Court proceedings and getting a County Court Judgement (CCJ) on your credit file
  • Having enforcement officers (bailiffs) visit you at home and seizing some of your possessions
  • Dealing with an attachment on your bank account or weekly earnings

That said, Elderbridge must prove the debt and send you a Letter Before Action (LBA) before taking legal action against you!

What can debt collectors legally do?

Debt recovery agencies like Elderbridge must follow the law and the Code of Practice when they chase debtors.

This is what they can legally do:

  • Contact you over an alleged debt – whether in writing, by phone, text or email. They can also visit your home which typically happens when they can’t contact you in any other way
  • Discuss things with you politely and discreetly, always remaining empathetic to your situation
  • Ask you to pay the outstanding to them directly

What can’t a debt collector do?

This is what debt collector agents can’t legally do when they contact you:

  • Force their way into your home
  • Urge you to take out more loans to settle what’s owed
  • Threaten or harass you in any way
  • Pretend their powers are the same as enforcement officers (bailiffs)
  • Use documents that appear to be from the courts
  • Talk to you confusingly using legal jargon
  • Discuss an alleged debt with family, friends, neighbours or employer
  • Clamp your car or seize your possessions

Unfortunately, although regulated, many field agents don’t always follow the Code of Practice or the regulations that govern them. It’s a very big concern that often hits the headlines!

You should report Elderbridge if they threaten, harass or use deceitful tactics when they contact you. You can report them to the Office for Fair Trading which many people do!

Check out what one unfortunate person had to put up with when Elderbridge contacted them:

Who is Elderbridge re: HCA Direct Debit and Should I Cancel

Source: Moneysavingexpert

What tactics could Elderbridge use?

As mentioned, too many debt recovery companies use specific and often suspect tactics to frighten you into paying them quickly. It’s earned the industry a lot of bad press!

One tactic is to be extra nice when they first contact you. But this soon changes over time. More especially when an agent realises you can’t pay! Another unlawful tactic commonly used by debt collectors is to send you threatening letters.

Again, it’s unlawful to harass and bully you into paying a debt that may not be even proven!

Debt collectors use these tactics because they believe it will get you to pay even when you can’t afford just to get rid of them!

Can you complain about Elderbridge?

You should complain to a debt collector’s head office about the conduct. Then, report them to the Office for Fair Trading and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Can Elderbridge repossess my house?

No. Not unless a debt they hold happens to be secured against your property. That’s the only time your home may be at risk over an Elderbridge debt.

How do you pay Elderbridge?

You can pay an Elderbridge debt via their HCA direct debit option. There’s no online payment option available and the company’s website is offline!

As such, you can only call or email the debt collection agency when you need to contact them. Although you could also write to them at their Newport address.

How do you contact Elderbridge?

You should stay in touch with Elderbridge when they contact you. Don’t ignore things because the problem just gets worse when you do.

I’ve listed how to contact Elderbridge here: EDIT

By phone: 0345 8400 244 Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm
By fax: 0345 650 6217
Via email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Website: (currently offline) www.elderbridge.co.uk
In writing: Elderbridge Ltd. PO BOX 908 Newport, NP20 9NX

Is there any free debt help in the UK

Yes, free debt help is available in the UK. You shouldn’t try to struggle with debts on your own and you shouldn’t ignore the problem either.

It’s wiser to get in touch with one of the leading charities to seek advice. They provide free debt advice to those who need it. Moreover, the advice could take much of the stress associated with debt collectors off the table!

I’ve listed some of the leading debt charities here:

·         StepChange

·         Citizens Advice

·         National Debtline

“It will only get worse” 😩

It’s cliché to say, but with debt it’s true; the longer you leave it, the worse the problem gets

There are straightforward and effective ways to deal with debt, but you have to know your options. 

Fill out the short form to find out about the debt solutions that could reduce your monthly payments or even write off some of your debt.

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Lastly, who is Elderbridge should I pay or cancel a direct debit?

If you’ve set up a payment plan with Elderbridge you shouldn’t cancel a DD. If you do cancel it, the contract with the debt collector will be null and void. You may then have to pay the full amount owed!

However, you should always check the age of the debt and whether it’s yours before you set up a payment plan with a debt collection agency. In short, Elderbridge is obliged to prove you owe the debt. Not the other way round!

Also, if you enter into an agreement with a debt recovery company, you must keep to the agreement. In short, payments must be made on time to prevent the agreement from ending!

Thanks for reading my post. I hope I’ve explained who Elderbridge is and what HCA DD refers to. You should only set up a DD with a debt collector when the debt is proven!

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My name’s Janine, and I’m a mum of two who’s always been passionate about trying to cut down spending costs. I am now sharing as much financial knowledge as I possibly can to help your money go that little bit further.
How to beat Elderbridge debt
How to beat Elderbridge debt

Looking into debt solutions could help. 

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Reduce pressure from the people you owe
  • Affordable monthly repayments.