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Claire’s debt success story

claires story

From Stress to Relief: A Debt Journey

Claire was facing a hefty debt of £14,264.14, feeling lost and alone. She turned to The Debt Advice Service and found support from advisors Eloise and Shana. Grateful for their help, Claire said, “Eloise and Shana were great,” adding, “they both deserve a bonus.”

With their guidance, Claire explored all her options and opted for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to manage their debts. The process was made easy by a facilitator who made Claire feel comfortable.

The IVA reduced Claire’s monthly payments, bringing much-needed relief. She felt a weight lift off their shoulders, saying, “Thanks to them, I feel so much better.” Claire encouraged others to seek help, advising, “Please call them to end your debt worries.” This shows how professional advice can make a big difference in tough times.

*For the protection of our customers’ privacy, names and images have been altered.